More than 30 years of experience have allowed our manufacturing partner to build a reputation on engineering new and innovative solutions that meet the needs of customers, while investing in research and development to find new and better technologies that advance the industry as a whole.

A manufacturing facility over 200,000 sq. ft. in Coconut Creek, Florida, and the capacity to produce over 100,000 sq. ft. of panelized building products per day.

The construction system utilizes sandwich-type structural panels composed of two outer facings of aluminum, wood, gypsum, non-asbestos fiber, reinforced cement board or other material, laminated to a core of expanded polystyrene (the same product used in freezer walls, refrigerators, coolers, etc.) 99.9% of its mass is closed air cells that cannot absorb moisture as fiber glass and paper honeycomb cores do. Therefore the core will not deteriorate from moisture, is lightweight, waterproof, insect proof, and virtually soundproof.

Our products are being used for residential housing, telecommunication support buildings, office buildings, government housing and military quarters, schools and classrooms, hospitals and clinics, kiosks and in-plant offices.

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