Gas engines range in power from 0.25 to 3 MW and run on either natural gas or a variety of other gases (e.g. biogas, landfill gas, coal mine gas, sewage gas, combustible industrial waste gases).

• Type 2 Gas Engine, Power range 250 – 350 kW
• Type 3 Gas Engine, Power range 500 – 1100 kW
• Type 4 Gas Engine, Power range 800 – 1500 kW
• Type 6 Gas Engine, Power range 1.8 – 3 MW
• J920 Gas Engine, 10 MW


Power Engineering
The Power Engineering product lines are the result of a deep market analysis, which allows identifying the right product according to the application required for power supply. The products proposed are suitable for several sectors, such as industrial, telecommunication, agriculture and residential businesses, amongst others. Swissxer, on top to the standard supply offers the possibility to have customized solutions on demand (from 10 to 3.370 kVA). These products are built on the base of specific customer needs allowing making tailored power supply installations and systems guarantying the highest quality and technology level. Whichever would be the field of application; the priority is reserved to features like reliability, robustness and safety.

Studied to match professional and hobby customers' needs, our portable division offer a wide range of solutions: open and soundproof gensets up to 13.9 kVA with multiple configuration available (AVR, DPP, IPP, CONN, AMF…), to motor pumps, welder generators, lighting equipment, high pressure washers and PTO generators. We affirm high levels of quality and efficiency thanks to a modern design and the highest end production process techniques, in compliance with the international safety regulations.

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