Our Tank Heaters utilize Longitudinally or Helically Finned Tubes instead of Bare Tubes. Finned Tubes are more efficient than bare tubes.

The Finned Tubes are placed in the direction of the tanks convective currents. The heated fluid closest to the Finned Tube Heater rises to the top of the tank, and the cooler fluid at the top of the tank falls to the bottom of the tank, along the outer periphery of the tank. This fluid motion creates a thermo-syphon affect. This thermo-syphon affect causes the fluid to be in constant motion, with no stagnant zones; this keeps sediment in suspension, preventing build-up on the heating coils and the bottom of the tank. .

Benefits of using our Tank Heaters:
  • More economical than Bare Tube Tank Heaters.
  • Increased Heat Transfer Area.
  • Smaller, Lighter Design because of Increased Surface Area of Finned Tubes.
  • Ease of Installation and Maintenance.
  • Low Tube Skin Temperature reduces Corrosion, Scaling, and Contamination of Finned Tubes.

Horizontal configuration: used in tanks with low fluid levels, e.g. working day tanks.

Vertical Configuration:
  • High tank fluid motion due to thermosyphon affect.
  • High heat transfers rates.
  • Heating Coils elevated above tank floor for easy cleaning.

Bayonet Heaters:
  • Mounts onto side of tank by a mounting flange.
  • Horizontal configuration.
  • Can be removed from emptied tank for cleaning without entering the tank.

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