Our manufacturer is the leader in the Hairpin Heat Exchanger Industry and has solved the industry's most demanding heat transfer problems. The designs, Double-Pipe & Multi-Tube, with either bare or longitudinally finned tubes will provide you with the most economical solution for your heat transfer applications.

Design: Hairpin Heat Exchangers offer true counter-current flow and permit extreme temperature crossing and close temperature approach.

Pressure: Hairpin Exchangers designed to pressures in excess of 10,000 psi.

Temperature: Hairpin Exchangers can handle extreme temperatures and wide temperature differentials without the use of expansion joints.

Serviceability: Hairpin Exchangers have a separate shell and tube side seal configuration. This makes the tubes very easy to inspect, remove, clean, and replace. 

Flexibility: Hairpin Exchangers are interchangeable. Their modular design allows additional sections to be added to meet increased process requirements, or the rearrangement of sections for new services.

Economy: because budget is always a major consideration, we can supply standard units up to sixteen inches in diameter from economical stock components. Our Hairpin Exchangers offer high surface areas with small diameters, providing a more economical alternative to Shell and Tube Exchangers.
  • Temperature Cross
  • High Tube side Pressure
  • Low Flow rates
  • Cyclic Service
  • Dirty Service
  • Heating or Cooling Vapours
  • Slurry applications with minimum velocity requirements and no "dead space" velocity reductions.
  • Complete Vaporization is required
  • Exchangers subject to Thermal Shock
  • High Terminal Temperature Differences

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