Swissxer utilizes Longitudinal Finned Tubes to enhance the performance of their heat exchangers.

Finned Tubes are best utilized when a large heat transfer coefficient difference exists between the inside and outside of the tube.

For instance, use Longitudinal Fins when:
1) Fluid with a High Heat Transfer Rate on the tube side.
2) Fluid with a Low Heat Transfer Rate on the shell side.

Advantages of Longitudinal Finned Tubes:
  • Provide 8 to 12 times the heat transfer area of bare tubes.
  • Are more efficient than bare tubes.
  • Provide smaller exchangers due to increased Heat Transfer area.
  • Often provide a more economical selection.
  • Fins can be "Cut & Twist" to increase shell side fluid turbulence and improve heat transfer.

We can supply Finned Tubes from 5/8" OD tubes to 12" pipe; fin heights from heights 0.21" to 1-1/2" high; and most common metallurgies.

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