We offer ‘turnkey’ packs of generators (no specific prior installation required) and integrated solutions in the sphere of solar systems and technology (awnings, solar pack for mobility, etc.).

Battery Power Packs
This electricity generation kits, with its battery and different connectors, are packed into easily portable compact tubes. A foldable, flexible solar panels fits inside with light weight U-pins facilitating perfect set up of the panel (on the ground, against a wall, hanging up or secured to the roof of a vehicle, etc.). Installed in a few seconds, this totally autonomous energy source is capable of lighting an entire living unit/ hospital/ surgical units… working a water pump (20-30 l/min), a purification filter or simultaneously charging a computer, a radio a GPS or any other electrical/ electronic device. Its technical features provide a multitude of applications in the field of energy, safety and survival (map reading and documents, rescue units, tents, drinking water, etc.).


Special Developments (BIPV, OEM, Water Purification)
Our engineering and manufacturing partner is the industry leader in custom OEM solar module solutions. Swissxer propose the most diverse product choice, we count with the production agility and engineering expertise to meet client needs of nearly any capacity. We offer an end-to-end solar system solution, working with clients from conception to development to production, which results in a 100% custom solar module.


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