swissxer s.a. handles cargo, ship chartering, and project cargo logistics.

1.  Freight Vessel

We service in the shipping agency, ship stowage, special projects logistics, through our resources, ensuring the highest standards of quality, efficiency and competitiveness.

2.  Stevedoring Ship
Reputed and experienced licensed Stevedores at various ports around the world and equipped in all respects to handle various types of vessels / cargos including heavy lifts.

3.  Cargo Consolidations
Our dedicated team of professionals provide services of groupage to leading International Buyers and Consolidators. 

4.  Container Leasing
Swissxer S.A., provides services in acquiring standards marine ISO containers, as well as a wide range of special containers and associated container equipment.

5.  Ship Chartering 
Regular fixtures are done by our dedicated in-house ship-brokers who assist Ship owners, Charterers, Brokers and cargo interests to fix suitable vessel & cargoes.
We specialize in Project Cargo Transportation (ODC & Heavy Lift) and carriage of IMO cargoes is our speciality.

6.  Operational and Port Security System
Optimizes operations, unlocking  efficiency, productivity and visibility for terminal operators.Our systems combines industry best practices with innovative technology and world-class services that enable marine terminal operators worldwide to maximize performance with reduced risk.

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