Swissxer works with multiple high capacity straight seam longitudinal SAW mills employing the high speed, high capacity, U-O-E forming process. Capable of rolling pipes from 24”to 64” OD, with wall thickness up to 1.25 inch in pipe grades up to X-80 including sour service application (NACE grades).

Certifications: API 5L, 2B, ISO 9001:2000.

Countries of origin: USA, Korea, China and India.

Specifications of Line Pipe API 5L 
Pipe Dimensions Pipe Diameter 24” – 64” 
 Wall Thickness X70 0.250” – 1.00” 
 Wall Thickness X80 0.281” – 1.25” 
 Pipe Length 40’ – 80’ 
Material Grade A252 through X80  

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